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Anna Kushina

I am just a simple nerdy with a knowledge about blogging, websites, technology and networks... :)


About Me

Anna Kushina is just my nickname :)
I am just a simple 17 year old nerd guy...

Anime a KDrama Lover

I am just a simple person who loves watching animes and korean dramas. This is one of my hobby when I am bored... :)

Loves COMPUTERS and the Internet

I want to have a computer though :).... I know many things about computers and netowrking. Computer is my girlfriend LOL xD... :)

TECHY Things that I know: 
- Blogging
- Photo / Video Editing
- Programming / Coding (just a little bit )
- Website Making

I am also a gamer though. Loves playing COC(Clash of Clans) and ML (Mobile Legends). Add me? Send me an email @ with your IGN :)


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